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Interactive digital-out-of-home Advertising, Marketing Gamification & Photo-booth

InVisionaryBox is an out of the box SaaS solution based on augmented reality and AI technologies for Increase customer engagement and for children's entertainment. All products and projects can be customized and adapted to the context and objectives of each organization.
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how it works

Increase engagement – Large format interactive games

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1. You will need devices for get started

Logitech Webcam
MAC Mini M1 / M2
TV in portrait

2. We will provide InVisionaryBox App


Leaderboard features include rankings, score tracking, filtering, visual representation, historical data, notifications, and social integration.

5 Games

InVisionaryBox's games leverage AR and AI technologies for immersive experiences. Each game offers unique challenges and experiences that enhance user engagement and enjoyment.

Presents & Analytics

InVisionaryBox includes presents and analytics features. Presents are virtual items or rewards that users can unlock, while analytics provides insights into user behavior.

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Ease of assembly

We focus on ease of assembly to ensure ease of customization and use. Components are selected to be easy to find and integrate, allowing organizations and users to get up and running quickly with minimal eff

Improved engagement

InVisionaryBox brings a novel approach to audience entertainment through immersive AR and AI experiences.

Better analytics

InVisionaryBox provides detailed analytics based on computer vision and AI

how it works

User plays the game — brand builds awareness

User plays a 30-sec game using gesture recognition
User scans a QR code to retrieve game points to receive the prizes
Shares contacts after agreeing to the terms and conditions
Get points
Gets points and exchanges them for gifts, discounts, and other perks
Get photos
Users get photos


Individual commercial offer available upon request


/ day
Daily rent per one set
You can use your own equipment if it meets technical requirements


€ 7500
€ 4000
/ event
Custom Development
Contact us if you have special preferences for experiences

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